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Emerson has a SIL - Certified vortex flowmeter to improve factory safety and rel

Release time:2019-06-27

         Emerson has launched a SIL - Certified vortex flowmeter to improve factory safety and reliability 
The new vortex street flowmeter used in the safety instrument system has passed the SIL2/3 authentication, which can reduce the stop time of the process and prevent the car from jumping.
Shanghai, China (January 30, 2018) - equipment for the equipment safety instrument system can now make full use of the advantages of Emerson Ross Mont 8800 vortex flowmeter. According to the requirements of IEC 61508, the 8800 vortex flowmeter has passed the new SIL 2/3 functional safety certification, which can help reduce the risk, improve the factory safety, and protect the personnel.
Nonblocking Monte Ross 8800 series of vortex flowmeter has safe and reliable performance, such as online by removing sensor to reduce the process of parking time, and is suitable for the key process of valve used in challenging applications, to improve safety by preventing dangerous media contact. To provide various configurations that meet various requirements, including flange type, clamping type, reduced diameter type, double head and four head flowmeter form, supporting the installation of the maximum 12 inch (300mm) pipe diameter.
According to the certified third party assessment, the single Ross Mont 8800 vortex flowmeter can be used in the safety grade of SIL 2. The safety level of the double head vortex flowmeter can reach SIL 3 and provides a simple embedded solution to reduce the cost of installation. This configuration includes single whirlpool generator or double vortex generator, double sensing element and dual transmitter for redundant backup and "two take one" voting, so as to reduce unexpected parking.
As a proprietary technology product of Emerson, Rosemont 8800 four vortex flowmeter is equipped with double vortex generator, four independent sensors and four independent transmitter configurations, which can meet the requirement of hardware fault tolerance and does not require multiple flow meters. The product has higher reliability. The "three take two" voting strategy can prevent the occurrence of Miss jump and set up fourth transmitters for process control.
Wally Baker, marketing director of Ross Monte vortex street flowmeter, said: "the new SIL 2/3 certification enables Emerson to provide more comprehensive vortex flowmeter series products, so as to solve such important problems as plant safety, process availability and measurement stability."