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Xiyi automation talent concept

Release time:2019-06-30

Talent concept: the best. Have both ability and political integrity, not sticking to formalities.
Virtues and talents are both the only ones, the virtues, the virtues, the handsome. "Virtue" - a high basic quality, "talent" - the basic ability to perform job duties. The ancients said: everyone has his own advantages, money shortage, foolish. The selection and use of people, not to have both, but the first, with virtue to promote talent, in order to nurture morality. By improving the talent quality of enterprises, the structure of talents with both talent and talent is constructed.
The concept of innovative talents, not sticking to formalities, not sticking to formalities personnel selection, promotion according to status not only quote. We should constantly expand the channels of talent selection, find talents in practice, cultivate talents, train talents, boldly use talents, train innovative professionals, and expand talent teams, so as to add strength to the sustainable development of enterprises.
The best people are, regardless of size, the ability to both internal and external collection. Zhirenshanren, best. Keen eye for talent, love, tolerance to courage, only for it, mind. We should further explore the bright points of every employee, give full play to the strengths of every employee, maximize the integration of talent resources for enterprises, provide strong impetus for the sustainable development of enterprises, and promote enterprises to enter the fast track of healthy development.
Respecting the character of the man, paying attention to the wisdom of the man, recognizing the value of the man, cherishing the feelings of the man, maintaining the dignity of the man, and improving the quality of the man.