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Siemens 6dr5020-ongoo-oaao valve positioner

Release time:2019-06-30

Product Name:Siemens 6dr5020-ongoo-oaao valve positioner

Recommended model:6DR5020-ONGOO-OAAO


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Product details
Siemens 6dr5020-ongoo-oaao valve positioner
Parameter 1: brand (Siemens)
Parameter 2: model (6dr5020-ongoo-oaao)
Parameter 3: new original factory product
6 dr5020 ng01 0-0 aa2
The SIPART PS2 locator provides decisive advantages:
Simple installation and automatic initialization (automatic adjustment of zero and stroke range)
Easy to operate
- use three buttons and two - line display for local operation (hand operation) and configuration
- by SIMATIC PDM configuration
High quality control comes from online adaptive programs
The gas consumption in steady state operation is negligible
Tight shutoff (ensures maximum positioning pressure on the seat)
Many functions can be achieved through simple configuration (such as setting the characteristic curve and the limit value)
Extended diagnostic function for valves and actuators
The vertical stroke and angular stroke actuators adopt the same type of locators
There are few moving parts, so they are not sensitive to vibration
In extreme external environment, the external non-contact position sensor can be selected
"Smart solenoid valve ": in the same locator with partial stroke test and solenoid valve function
Partial stroke testing, for example for safety valves
Natural gas can be used as a gas source
SIL 2 certification
SIPART PS2 locator is mainly used in the following industries:
Power plant
Paper and glass
Water and wastewater
Food and pharmaceuticals
Offshore platform
Main technical performance
Input signal: 0 ~ 20mA, 4 ~ 20mA
Air supply pressure: 1.4 ~ 6bar (140 ~ 600kPa)
Unimpeded flow: inlet valve: 5.5n m/h when pressure drops from 6bar(600kPa) to 0bar(0kPa)
Air outlet valve: when the pressure drops from 1bar(100kPa) to 0bar(0kPa), it is 5n.m /h
Gas consumption under stable state: single action: <3.6 * 10n.m /h(0.6l /min)
Dual action: <36 * 10n.m /h(1L/min)
Response time: 2.5 ~ 40S
Journey: 10 ~ 120mm; 0 ° ~ 90 °
Installation locations: any
Cable inlet: M20 * 1.5
Electrical connection: screw terminal 2.5mm2
Working environment temperature: 25 - + 80 ℃
Type explosive-proof grade: this Ann EExia/ib Ⅱ CT4, T5, T6, accord with EN50020), explosion-proof EExd
Enclosure protection class: IP65
Siemens valve positioner
Shell material; Glass fiber reinforced polyester