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Siemens intelligent valve positioner

Release time:2019-06-30

Product Name:Siemens 6dr5010-0nn00-0aa0 valve positioner

Recommended model:6DR5010-0NN00-0AA0


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Product details
Siemens 6dr5010-0nn00-0aa0 valve positioner
Parameter 1: product (Siemens)
Parameter 2: model (6dr5010-0nn00-0aa0)
Parameter 3: new original factory product
Germany Siemens SIPART PS2 intelligent electrical valve locator.
An overview of the
The most widely used intelligent electrical valve positioner can be used for straight stroke and angular stroke valves.
SIPART PS2 is an absolute leader in the world valve positioner market. We have many years of experience in field application, which will bring safety to your field application in the past, present and future.
Its operation is very simple. It can be operated on the spot by buttons and LCD, or it can be operated by SIMATIC PDM process equipment management software through HART interface or PROHBUS PA protocol.
Automatic initialization Settings save a lot of time
Low gas consumption greatly reduces the operating cost
SIPART PS2 has added a variety of diagnostic functions, which can provide positioning device and valve status, operating conditions and other information.
Important characteristics
Simple to operate -- no special programming training is required
The localizer can be operated on site with built-in LCD display and three control keys.
You can use the buttons to switch between automatic, manual and configuration states.
Automatic initialization - fast automatic initialization - install SIMATIC PDM software on PC/laptop for remote control and monitoring.
SIPART PS2 can be automatically initialized with a simple menu in a few minutes.
In this process, the microprocessor can determine its own zero point, terminal position, motion direction and speed. From these items, the minimum pulse time and dead zone can be determined and optimized.
Rich diagnostics - keeping everything under control - low gas consumption - low gas consumption - low cost running
Another notable feature of the SIPART PS2 is its extremely low gas consumption. Traditional valve positioner in the work will have a lot of instrument air discharge or leakage, resulting in a large demand for instrument air, resulting in high operating costs. Due to the new piezoelectric valve technology, the SIPART PS2 will not have any instrument air emission when the valve is not operating, and it will also use air when the valve is operating in the most needed time - when the valve is operating.
The new SIPART PS2 provides more parameters and additional diagnostic information.
Basic diagnostic function
Record of working hours
· temperature measurement
The current temperature
Minimum/maximum temperature (memory)
The working time of each temperature segment
Set point alarm detection
Extended diagnostic function
In-line control seat (top and bottom stroke position)
Monitor or display adjustable thresholds
Cumulative travel
Number of moves
100% of valve position
Dead zone compensation
Number of alarms 1 and 2(position alarm)