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Yamaha intelligent valve positioner avp 301/302

Release time:2019-06-30

Product Name:Yamaha intelligent valve positioner avp 301/302

Recommended model:AVP301/302


Order quantity:1


Product details
Detailed introduction
AVP301 analog signal (4-20 madc) with valve position opening signal output
Body type (air piping, electrical signal connector)
Ontology generic (rc1/4, g1/2)X
Ontology general type (1/4NPT, 1/2NPT)P
JIS flameproof (cable adapter with flameproof spacer, note 1) (rc1/4, g1/2) E
Paint standard paint S
Anti-corrosion paint B
Silver grey, corrosion resistant paint (sintered propium, Y138D) C
Positioner action (standard) D reaction R
Air supply pressure (range of less than shorter than 40 pressure gauges, pressure difference of pressure relief valve setting) is less than or less than 130 for Ps less than or less than 150kPa (200kPa,400kPa) 1150,300,450,Ps less than 500kPa (1000kPa,700kPa)5
Pressure unit kPaA KGF /cm2B MPaC BarD PsiE
Double said: kPa (main), KGF/cm2 (deputy) K double said: MPa (master), KGF/cm2 (deputy) L note 1: in AVP300 install 1 with flame-proof type gasket type cable adapter, 2 with flame-proof type AVP301 installed on gasket type cable adapter.
Please fill in the data and circle it with "·" in cases outside the standard range of data setting.
1. Input range: 4-20ma (standard)
Note: minimum range 4 mA DC
2. Input and output characteristic linear (standard) EQ%, QO, USER (set at factory time)
3. Regulating valve action positive action (standard) reaction
4. Valve position output signal form simulation 4~20 mA (standard)