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Emerson CNG050 special flowmeter

Release time:2019-06-30

Product Name:Emerson CNG050 special flowmeter

Recommended model:CNG050


Order quantity:1台


Product details
Supply of the Emerson CNG050 Coriolis flowmeter
CNG050 Coriolis flowmeter
Emerson mass flowmeter and density meter, Coriolis mass flowmeter, high quasi CNG050 compressed natural gas flowmeter specially designed for CNG fuel gas industry.
One caliber is suitable for 40 to 4444 SCFM (68 to 7550 Nm3/hr).
Manufacture of 316 stainless steel materials
Pressure rating: 5000 psi (345 bar)
Range of temperature: -40 to 257 F (-40 to 125 degree C)
Mass flow accuracy: + 0.5% (CNG)
High precision MVD?? Direct Connect? Technology is used for direct digital integration between sensors and electronic parts of aeration head.
The single meter solution is specially designed for use in light duty and heavy duty truck filling machines.
Higher flow rate, reduce filling time
Multiple transmitter options provide multiple variable output, which meets any design requirements of the aerating machine.
Compact design, no movable parts, no special installation or flow regulation.
Rapid delivery, global support
Specification profile *
Flow accuracy
+ 0.5% batches
2 to 220 lb/min (54 to 6000 kg/h)
Maximum mass flow
220 lb/min (6000 kg/h)
Maximum standard volume flow
4444 SCFM
Liquid part
316 stainless steel
Temperature index
-40 to 257 F (-40 to 125 degree C)
Pressure grade
5000 psi (345 bar)
Typical pipe diameter
1/2 to inches (13 to 25 mm)
The high accurate CNG050 Coriolis mass flowmeter has installed more than 50000 units worldwide and is the preferred flowmeter for the leading CNG aeration equipment manufacturer. The high accurate CNG050 Coriolis mass flowmeter provides the best flow / density measurement in the following typical applications:
CNG aerating machine