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Yokogawa AXF series electromagnetic flowmeter, Japan

Release time:2019-06-30

Product Name:Yokogawa brand AXF series electromagnetic flowmeter

Recommended model:AXF050GD1AL1NBA1121B


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Product details
AXF series electromagnetic flowmeter is a product developed based on decades of field experience. It is not only durable, but also easy to operate. The combination of replaceable electrode and electrode adhesion diagnosis function greatly improves the maintainability of the system.
AXF adopts the "dual-frequency excitation method" which can eliminate the fluid noise and the optional "enhanced dual-frequency excitation method" which can be added for the bad environment, so as to improve the system stability and high speed of response.
Note: "dual-frequency excitation method" is a special technology of yokohawa motor co., LTD.
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The convenience of fluid adhesion diagnosis is described
By monitoring the adhesion of insulating media on the electrode, it can be judged whether the instrument needs to be repaired. Because of the use of replaceable electrodes, the electrodes can be easily removed from the flowmeter for cleaning even in severe adhesion.
Flexible electrical connection direction
In general and hygienic use, the converter or junction box can rotate freely to change the direction of the electrical connection.
Multifunction clear display
The indicator USES a large backlit full-lattice LCD display that can be used to enter
Row various displays. The indicator can display one to three lines. When an alarm occurs, the indicator displays a specific emergency response.
The "Easy Setup (quick Setup)" parameter
The most frequently used parameters are integrated into a set, at the top of the parameter setting. Users can use infrared switch to set parameters without opening the cover.
Ending product series
Two precision levels
The standard accuracy is 0.35%, and there is also a high precision grade (0.2%).
Ultra small size flange type
Flange dimensions can start at 2.5mm.
Different hygienic connections
The performance and technical specifications of the enhanced type
"Enhanced dual frequency excitation method" is optional. For severe conditions, such as mixing high concentration mud or low conductivity fluid, it can achieve high stability measurement.
Improved minimum conductivity.
The lower limit of conductivity is 1 S/cm.
High speed pulse output: the pulse frequency can reach 10,000 PPS (pulse/second), so you can participate in high speed applications, such as batch processing for a short time.