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Rosemount, rosemount 2088 pressure transmitter

Release time:2019-06-30

Product Name:Rosemount, rosemount 2088 pressure transmitter

Recommended model:2088G1S22A1B4M5HR5


Order quantity:1


Product details
Rosemount 2088 pressure transmitter
The performance of high precision parts can reach 0.065%
Lightweight, compact design, can achieve economic efficient installation
The available protocols include 4-20 mA HART? And low power 1-5 Vdc HART
The local operation interface (LOI) provides an easy-to-use configuration function for the transmitter
Absolute and nominal pressure range up to 276 bar (4,000 psi)
The range ratio is 50:1
For example: 2088 g1s22a1b4m5hr5