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Rosemount 3051 series pressure transmitter

Release time:2019-06-30

Product Name:Rosemount 3051 series pressure transmitter

Recommended model: The 3051 series


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Product details
The 3051 rosemount pressure transmitter is one of the most commonly used products in the rosemount pressure transmitter after 40 years of testing in the electric power industry. High reliability, long - term stability and easy maintenance design. The rosemount pressure transmitter can be optimized from design to installation, maintenance to operation.
I. product overview:
Rosemont 3051 series pressure transmitter, 3051TA absolute pressure transmitter integrates sensor, electronic technology and single isolated diaphragm design and integrates to realize the calibration range of gauge pressure and absolute pressure measurement from 0.3 to 10,000 psi. 3051 t pressure transmitter working principle: work, high and low pressure side of the isolation membrane and pouring the liquid pass process pressure to fill liquid, then pour liquid transfer pressure to the center of the sensor on the sensing diaphragm. 3051 sensing diaphragm pressure transmitter is a tensioning of elastic element, the displacement change with the compression and (for 3051 gp pressure transmitter, atmospheric pressure as exerting on the low voltage side of the sensing diaphragm). 3051AP absolute pressure transmitter, always maintain a reference pressure on the low pressure side. The maximum displacement of the sensing diaphragm is 0.004 inches (0.1mm), and the displacement is proportional to the pressure. Capacitance plates on both sides detect the position of the sensing diaphragm. The capacitance difference between the sensing diaphragm and the capacitor plate is converted to the corresponding current, voltage, or digital HART output signal.
Ii. Technical parameters:
Overall performance: plus or minus 0.15%FS
Accuracy: + / - 0.075% FS
Absolute pressure: calibration range from 0.3 psi to 10,000 psi
Gauge pressure: calibration range from 0.3 to 10,000 psi
The stainless steel and halpern alloy CR process isolation film
Single isolated diaphragm design
Filling fluid: silicone oil and inert oil
Optional DIN - Autoclave - compatible process connection