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The temperature module of the yokogawa temperature transmitter YTA50/YTA70

Release time:2019-06-30

Product Name:The temperature module of the yokogawa temperature transmitter YTA50/YTA70

Recommended model:YTA70


Order quantity:1


Product details
Characteristics: temperature transmitter YTA50/YTA70
Excellent performance
Microprocessor based sensing technology ensures high accuracy and high stability.
Multiple sensor input
The user can choose the type of sensor input: thermocouple, RTD, Ohm or DC mV.
Digital communication
YTA70 supports the HART communication protocol.
Specification: temperature transmitter YTA50/YTA70
The precision (typical) YTA50: range is + 0.1% or + 0.2 C (0.36 C).
YTA70: range of + 0.1% or + 0.1 C (0.18)
Compensation precision of cold end (only T/C)
+ 1 C (1.8)
The influence of the power supply on the full range of + 0.005%/V
Ambient temperature affects YTA50: (+ 0.1% or + 0.1 C) /10 C.
YTA70: (+ 0.05% or + 0.05 C) /10 C
Input signal single input
The input type is optional: thermocouple, 2 wire, 3 wire and 4 wire RTD, ohm and DC mV.
Output two line 4~20mA DC
Power 7~35V DC
(7~28V DC)
Ambient temperature optional code will affect the limit
-40~85 C (-40~185)
Install DIN form B built-in installation
Weight 50g (0.11lb)
Explosion-proof specifications ATEX, FM, or IECEx