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RoseMount Trex hand operator

Release time:2019-06-30

Product Name:RoseMount Trex hand operator

Recommended model:Trex


Order quantity:1


Product details
RoseMount Trex operator selection table
Project code description
Series TREX TREX basic platform
Includes AC adapter, USB cable, connector lead set, hand strap, quick start guide, and resource DVD
Once the Trex unit is activated, the ValveLink mobiles app is free to use
Communication module C standard communication module
L multi-function communication module
Application of H HART
F HART + FF applications, ordered with multifunctional communication module (L), including FF power plugs
Power P rechargeable lithium battery module
KL ATEX, CSA (USA/Canada) and IECEx are intrinsically safe (including the applicable conditions)
NA no certification
Radio option W wireless, including bluetooth, WiFi and NFC radio
9 no
Support S1 standards, including 1 year technical support and software update
S3 standard support, including 3 years of technical support and software update
P1 advanced support, including 1 year standard support and accident damage insurance
P3 advanced support, including 3-year standard support, extended manufacturing defects and accidental damage insurance
Emerson Trex com https://www.testeb.com/download/201701/Emerson_AMS_Trex_datasheet.pdf the specifications
RoseMount RoseMount RoseMount TREX operator type
HART basic model has no bluetooth wireless: TREXCHPNA9S1, TREXCHPNA9S3, TREXCHPNA9P1, TREXCHPNA9P3
HART manipulator basic model with bluetooth: TREXCHPNAWS1 communicator, TREXCHPNAWS3, TREXCHPNAWP1, TREXCHPNAWP3
HART communicator explosion-proof type does not have bluetooth: TREXCHPKL9S1, TREXCHPKL9S3 three-year version, TREXCHPKL9P1, TREXCHPKL9P3
Explosion-proof wireless transmission with bluetooth: TREXCHPKLWS1, TREXCHPKLWS3, TREXCHPKLWP1, TREXCHPKLWP3 communicators