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Flange mounted liquid level transmitter for 1151LT

Release time:2019-06-30

Product Name:Flange mounted liquid level transmitter for 1151LT

Recommended model:1151LT


Order quantity:1


Product details
· liquid level measurement accuracy 0.25%
· measurement range
0-25 to 0-2,770inH2O(0-6.2 to 0-690kpa)
· flat diaphragm, 2, 4 and 6 inch extended diaphragm
· a variety of filling liquid options can meet various application requirements
· adjustable damping
· materials for receiving liquid: stainless steel, haversian alloy c-276 and tantalum
Introduction of 1151
The pressure transmitter type 1151 has many types and can be used for measuring differential pressure, flow rate, surface pressure, absolute pressure, vacuum degree, liquid level and density. Model the transmitter according to the ordering information sheet, specify such as pressure range, output mode and basic structural parts material of the transmitter. In addition, such as accessories, certification, special manufacturing procedures and other options can be selected.
The working principle of
When working, the isolating film on the high and low pressure side and the tank filling liquid transfer the process pressure to the tank filling liquid in the center, and the tank filling liquid in the center transfers the pressure to the sensing film in the center of the new-chamber sensor. The sensing diaphragm is a tension elastic element whose displacement varies with the differential pressure (for a GP pressure transmitter, atmospheric pressure is applied to the low-pressure side of the sensing diaphragm as it is to the GP pressure transmitter). AP absolute pressure transmitter, low pressure side always maintain a reference pressure. The maximum displacement of the sensing diaphragm is 0.004 inches (0.10 mm), and the displacement is proportional to the pressure. Capacitive electrodes on both sides detect the sensing diaphragm. The capacitance difference between the sensing diaphragm and the capacitor plate is converted to the corresponding current, voltage, or digital HARTR output signal.
Circuit board module (intelligent)
The circuit board module of transmitter adopts special integrated circuit (ASICS) and surface packaging technology. After receiving the digital signal and correction factor from the sensor film head, the signal is corrected and linearized. The output part of the circuit board module converts the digital signal into an analog signal output and can communicate with HART operator.
Data configuration (intelligent)
Configuration data is stored in the permanent EEPROM memory on the transmitter circuit board. The transmitter's power cut data can still be saved, so the transmitter can work as soon as it is powered on.
Number/mode conversion and signal transmission (intelligent)
Process variables are stored in the form of digital data, which can be accurately corrected and transformed into engineering units. The corrected data is then converted into an analog output signal. HART operator can directly access the digital signal of the sensor without the number/mode conversion to achieve higher precision.
Communication mode (intelligent)
1151 type intelligent pressure transmitter using HART protocol communication, the protocol adopts the industrial standard Bell202 frequency shift keying (FSK) technology, a high frequency signal superimposed on the current output signal to realize remote communication. The technology used by westmeter can communicate and output simultaneously without affecting the consistency of the circuit.