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Pneumatic film control valve of xiyi factory

Release time:2019-06-30

Product Name:西儀廠氣動薄膜調節閥

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Pneumatic film regulating valve
Pneumatic diaphragm control valve is mainly composed of air chamber, thin films, thrust plate, and other components of the push rod, pneumatic diaphragm regulating function of regulating valve is by the locator is given different pressure signal, and then through to the interior into different pressure air supply, make the film produces thrust, thrust plate moves down, compression spring, driven push rod, the valve stem and valve core movement. When signal pressure is maintained at a certain value, the valve is maintained at a certain opening.
Features of pneumatic film regulating valve:
The structure of the positive and negative actuator is basically the same, consisting of the upper film cover, the lower film cover, the film diaphragm, the push rod, the spring, the regulator, the support and the travel display plate.
(2) positive and reaction actuator structure reaction of the actuator is the main difference between the input signal at the bottom of the bellows, which leads to the push rod on the bottom, because the film good seal, therefore, don't need to seal the valve stem lead.
The torque of the actuator can be changed by adjusting the adjuster to change the initial spring force.
The input and output characteristics of the actuator of pneumatic thin film regulator valves show a linear relationship between the output displacement and the pressure of the input signal. The output displacement is called the stroke, which is displayed by the stroke display panel. Some reaction actuators have also installed a valve position display at the top of the film box to display the valve position. The stroke of domestic pneumatic film regulating valve actuator has six specifications, such as 10mm, 16mm, 25mm, 40mm, 60mm and 100mm.
The effective area of the diaphragm of the radial actuator is proportional to the thrust force, and the greater the effective area, the greater the thrust force of the actuator.
The pneumatic film regulator valve can be provided with a displacement conversion device to convert linear displacement into angular displacement for rotating the valve body.
Matlab can be used to add valve positioner to realize valve position detection and feedback and improve control performance.
Radial pneumatic thin film regulating valve can add handwheel mechanism, and use handwheel for downgrading operation when automatic control fails, so as to improve system reliability.
The pneumatic film regulator valve can be equipped with self - locking device to realize self - locking and protection of control valve.